About Us

About Us

About Us

Beauty Experts in Bonita Springs, FL

Please take a second to see past the bright colours and let us tell you what we are about.

Let me get straight to the point, we give a damn.

The decor is not about just being loud, it's about taking the intimidation out of going to the salon. It’s about regressing back to your childhood, a time where you didn't feel the social pressure you feel today. Its about getting you out of that production line feeling and creating an environment where you feel comfortable to be yourself.

The Way We Feel

We are all a bunch of misfits, who came together to one place to be accepted for who we are and our aim is to make you feel as ‘you’ as we feel every day.
Our purpose in life goes much deeper than great hair or nails, it's about a change in mentality. Spreading the idea that it is in-fact ‘cool’ to be kind. We operate a strict no judgement policy and our clients are from every walk of life.

What We Do

Most importantly we care about the health of your hair and nails , and that will always be our priority, no-matter what. Healthy hair and nails is better than any color or design.
Yes, we offer amazing creative colors and nail designs, but don't forget, we do the same amount of flawless natural hair and simple and polished nails , too. From bold and bright to soft and subtle all that matters is you are listened to properly and your hair and nails reflect you. 

Meet Our Team

Samantha Anderson
Hi! My name is Samantha and welcome to my salon, Riot Beauty Salon! Ever since I gave my first Barbie a buzz cut and painted my dogs nails (don’t worry, I’ve improved since then!), I’ve loved to do hair. In 2010, I graduated from SunState Academy and have gone on to compete in multiple nail competitions (in which I have many awards) and have even been published in magazines! I’m aware of and sensitive to the challenges of hair and nail trends and can provide professional solutions to make you look fabulous! In addition, I want to make your time with me a pleasant and relaxing break in your day. I am available for nail services and hair services. Our salon proudly uses KMS California hair products, Amikia hair products, OPI nail products and Wella and Kenra hair color which are eco-friendly, not tested on animals. And my nail services are like no other, I offer up to date nail and hair trends and products and strive to always give my clients the hair and nails of their dreams.
Hair Stylist
Brady (yes that's her real name) is a fresh and young hair stylist! However don't let that fool you… she is definitely experienced! She’s excels in every hair service, everything she touches turns to gold! She’s cute, fabulous, super creative and full of imagination. Brady will keep you smiling during your salon experience at Riot Beauty.
Nail Technician
Laura has been with us since day 1! She joined us after she graduated from SunState Academy in 2016. She has a passion for nails and every client walks out with flawless nails. Her calming personality is great for anyone who likes to relax and wind down from a long work day or work week and have a calm and relaxing experience that is sure to make you fall asleep while she gives a relaxing pedicure or manicure.
Hair Stylist
Meter loves both cutting and color and is the perfect choice if you want to have a full transformation, or even if you just love to see the same person all the way through. She's got a really positive vibe and most importantly she's a really good listener. You know that your consultation will be thorough and you will be left with that feeling that she really 'GOT YOU', which makes all the difference. "Being listened to is really important," says Meter. "I think everyone deserves time and care."